Tamara encourages me back to life, helps me to identify the problem, then helps me to create a strategic plan to follow through. When I wanted to start my own cleaning business I had serious reservations about it and she began to speak life into my vision. Her words have such power attached to them; you have no choice but to come out stronger and confident. I feel like I can do anything after having a conversation with her!
— Coushatta L. Chicago, IL

My struggle was self-confidence in the workplace. I had completed mentorships in the past and I never walked away noticing a difference in my own abilities. Tamara shared her journey and opened the floor for me to share mine. I sensed the love, compassion and confidence that I had been seeking in a soothing voice and beaming smile at approximately 700 miles away. Tamara has an amazing ability to reach people and continues to inspire others. Thank you, Tamara, for allowing me the opportunity to learn from you!
— Daina A. McLean, VA